What kind of Business Card do I need?

Your business cards are usually a foot in the door. The overall design needs to be clear, visually appealing and lets prospective clients know exactly who you are what you do.

What information should I put on my business cards?

You should follow some basic rules:

Who – You company name/logo, plus your name.

Where – Your company and individual contact details.

What – What services you provide. Keep it in a list/bullet format as this is visually more appealing
and to the point.

Should I use colour on both sides?

That depends on the purpose of your cards. Your business may require you to write information such as appointment times or prices for your client. So having a colour front and black ink or no printing on the back makes it easier to write on the back.

If there is no need for you or clients to write on the back of your business card, then you have a little more creativity to play with as you have more visually displayed on both sides.

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